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Hill Running Workout 10 #hillwod
Throw on a weight vest and go UP, then up and down (with squats), the UP again. Keep doing that until you finish your last 2min interval. Then add some [...]
Hill Running Workout 9 #hillwod
    A downhill workout, really??? YES! Today’s it’s all about the DOWN … well, at least until the bonus UP HILL part. This one [...]
Hill Running Workout 8 #hillwod
    Great mind training opportunity in HWOD 8! It’s a trip UP the ladder and requires perseverance to push hard on that last 8 minute time [...]
Hill Running Workout 7 #hillwod
  This one is a leg BURNER!! The combination of high skips performing up hill, a long set of walking lunges and squats as “recovery” [...]
Hill Running Workout 6 #hillwod
  Short-short-long is the theme for this HWOD! It works well on a two-part climb, but is possible on a single short hill or set of stairs or even with [...]
Hill Running Workout 5 #hillwod
Grab a friend for this one and hit the hills! All intervals are 20 seconds (there are 14 of them!), but the rest breaks vary. Also, there’s a mantra [...]
Hill Running Workout 4 #hillwod
Inspired by greek mythology and the story of Sisyphus, this week’s hill workout is a TOUGH one for the mind and body! Sisyphus was a king who got [...]
Hill Running Workout 3 #hillwod
  Get some on the stairs! This is a fun one that will zap your legs. Go for it! Instructions: 20-min AMSAP (As many steps as possible). Your objective [...]
Hill Running Workout 2 #hillwod
Don’t have time for a 3-hour hilly run during the week? No worries — get lots of the same benefits with this duo of bodyweight squats and hill [...]
Hill Running Workout 1 #hillwod
Instructions: Down the Ladder: Run UP HILL as fast as you can for each of the following intervals: 100sec, 90sec, 80sec, 70sec, 60 … to 10. Increase your [...]
Hill Workout Cycling
Hill Workout Cycling #2
  Did last week’s hill workout leave you eager for more? Let’s build up on what we’ve done and add a new twist in this week’s [...]
Hill Workout Cycling #1
Don’t have time for a 3-hour hilly ride during the week? No worries — get lots of the same benefits with this duo of bodyweight squats and hill [...]