Jeff Grant

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Jeff Grant is known for infectious enthusiasm, positive energy, and always sharing a smile. He fully embraced a philosophy of “Do what you love” in 2010 by leaving a successful 18-year corporate career to focus full time on coaching, motivational speaking, and writing. Jeff is a coach & mentor, writer, ultra-endurance athlete and a hillseeker in all walks of life. He also an active supporter of charity work in Malawi and Cambodia as a Board of Directors member at the nonprofit Face-to-Face Project.
In 2010, Jeff founded Hillseeker Fitness GmbH, a Swiss-based firm that delivers coaching advice, books, and training plans to a global audience, in-person training in Switzerland via the Hillseeker Training Center, and motivational speaking to groups and companies. He launched the Flow State® coaching series of books in 2016, starting with Flow State Runner and Flow State Hill Training.

Jeff has a 20-year background in endurance and adventure sports. He has finished some of the toughest events on the planet, including the Marathon des Sables (a weeklong stage race through the Moroccan Sahara), the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (a 166KM extremely mountainous run in the Alps), numerous ultra marathons, Ironman Hawaii and other long distance triathlons, mountaineering expeditions, and even some shark diving. Prior to becoming an endurance athlete in 1996, Jeff was 70 pounds (32kg) overweight and led a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Motivated by his concerned family members, Jeff decided to embark on a new, healthy lifestyle and has never looked back.

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In 2010, Jeff branched out from traditional endurance sports to complete the grueling SEALFit Kokoro Camp, a 50-hour non-stop, no-sleep crucible modeled after the US Navy SEAL’s Hell Week and designed to teach mental toughness and test participant’s limits across many spectrums. After several years of hard work, Jeff earned a unique civilian instructor position in the cadre for this grueling and transformational mental and physical challenge.
Jeff is a qualified yoga teacher, with over 600 hours of teacher education and 20+ years of practice. He also completed numerous CrossFit and other movement-related certifications, ran a CrossFit gym and functional training center for 5+ years, and studied the Pose Method® directly from Dr. Nicolas Romanov.
Jeff has coached countless runners in workshops in Switzerland and the US, runs the Hillseeker® online coaching business, and enjoys tapping into his corporate experience as a motivational speaker for businesses and teams. He also enjoys playing jazz trombone, blues harmonica, and African drums, as well as dancing Lindy Hopp.