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Emotional Elevation Profile Mind Training Jeff Grant
Race Prep Tip: Train with an Emotional Elevation Profile
Making Your Secret Sauce: Emotional Management in Endurance Sports For some types of events, it is common for organizers to provide an elevation profile. [...]
Running foot landing position
Adversity & unexpected events break many runners: not you
Dealing with adversity Let’s talk about adversity, how you react to adversities and unexpected events, and how to thrive we they arrive. How about a quick [...]
sick on race day
Sick before the race? How to save your big day
Arrival of the Gremlin: Sick! Are you kidding me? Your big day is tomorrow. It’s race time! Months and months of training are behind you. [...]
The Muse Mind Hack for Positive Distraction
How to Get Positively Distracted with The Muse Mind Hack
Find your distraction when you need it I’m excited to teach you how to use a visualized Muse character as a mind hack. I use this tool whenever I [...]
The Guide Mind Hack for Focus
How to Get Focused with The Guide Mind Hack
Find your focus when you need it I’m excited to teach you how to use a visualized Guide character as a mind hack. I use this tool whenever I need to [...]
FSR Bouncer
How to send in the Bouncer as a mind hack
Dealing with the worst of uninvited guests: your Inner Critic I’m excited to teach you how to use a visualized Bouncer character as a mind hack. [...]
Bored running
Bored in your running? 9 ways to get inspired
When you’re bored and stagnating in your running For runners who are always stimulated and excited about running–every single day, this [...]
Running Sucks
Running Sucks? Here are 3 ways to overcome
For those times when running sucks, but you want to overcome the suck I love to run, but sometimes it sucks and I hate it. Usually, the suck is merely a [...]
Long Runs
Energize: 9 Ways to Inspire Your Long Runs
It’s tough to stay energized during long runs, especially when alone. What do I do for inspiration? Over the years, I’ve experimented with many [...]
Race season planning
How to think like a coach: race season planning
How do you plan a race season to perform at your peak, have fun and avoid burning out or overtraining? In 20+ years of endurance sports, spanning [...]
Earning your comeback
Efficient Running Tips: Relax to go hard in intense workouts!
The counterintuitive approach of relaxing your way through intense, hard efforts Sometimes you’ve got to relax to go hard, especially during intense [...]
Efficient Running Tips: Cadence Drills
Cadence Drills Using the proper cadence, or the tempo of the feet being pulled off the ground, is a key component of efficient running. The Pose Method®, [...]
Jeff Grant Coaching Running Technique
Efficient running: Top Tips to try today
Learning efficient running from the best I’ve received over 100K Youtube views across these efficient running tips videos and some great feedback [...]
Efficient Running Tips: How to Fall (or Lean) from the Hips
Learning to Fall or Lean Correctly An important aspect in common with The Pose Method®, Chi Running® and other schools of thought in the efficient running [...]
Running foot landing position
Efficient Running Tips: Foot Landing Position
Learning to Land Correctly: Foot Position On the Toes? Forefoot? Midfoot? Heel then toe? Toe then heel? Toe only? How am I supposed to land??? What is the [...]