Humor Me! Mental Toughness Tips

03/10/2014 - Other cool stuff
Humor Me! Mental Toughness Tips

I coach Hillseeker® athletes to view mental toughness not as a single quality, but as a well-developed, expansive toolkit of skills, insights, experience & practiced behaviors — Batman’s über-utility belt, so to speak. This toolkit of mental toughness skills is a source that can ultimately be called upon when the going gets tough during a training session, race or emergency in life. Let’s focus a bit today on the tool of Humor.

As an endurance athlete and/or CrossFitter, you’re putting yourself into extremely challenging situations often, but as a matter of choice. If you can’t laugh at the fact that you’ve chosen to introduce an incomprehensible (to most people) strain on your body and mind, then what can you laugh at?!


So, we’ve got humor already present in the often-ludicrous nature of the challenges we seek and sign up for. That’s worth a laugh now and especially at the moment sand is being blasted across your face as you try to tuck even deeper into your sleeping bag at 3AM or as you jump into an icy cold body of water or start a mountain descent on a road bike in a cold rain!


During training and events, visit with humor as often as you can. It will lighten up your mind and help you avoid the self-pity and self-dwelling that so often unravels endurance athletes when adversity shows up to play.


Graveness feeds negativity and negativity feeds fear and weakness.


Humor feeds positivity and positivity feeds courage and strength. Smile & laugh — be courageous and strong!



Here’s a quick how-to guide for applying Humor as a mental toughness tool:





Want to raise your pain threshold? Do it with a smile. Seriously, the next time you are doing a high intensity interval, try smiling a big toothy SMILE … even if you have to fake it. During events, smile as often as you can, especially at the times you are feeling the least happy. Feeling sorry for yourself because your legs have seized or your stomach hurts? Sort out your hydration and while doing so, smile at a child or the beauty of your scenic surroundings. Don’t undervalue this … it’s simple, effective and free!




Joke with a volunteer worker at an aid station, joke with your fellow athletes, joke with yourself! Do something funny just for a brief moment and it will lighten your mood and those around you.


Coach Jeff 30 hours into the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc run & still laughing and joking with people. It works! 


Hooyah Hill!


When I coach running at the SEALFIT Academy, I introduce one important rule. When you see a hill, the immediate reaction is to shout “Hooyah Hill!”, which translated means “I’m happy to see this obstacle – bring it on!”. The counter-reaction (and the one most common for people) is to see a steep hill in the path and react with “Arghh … hill”. With this reaction, they’ve lost already and their bodies will absolutely under-perform.


Hooyah Hill! during the Marathon des Sables


An enthusiastic, positively framed reaction … even when faked … will set a tone for the mind that will enable the body to perform above expectations – and that’s exactly what we want to tap into!  And when that reaction is ironic, it will bring you a smile or a laugh – which delivers enough of a boost to extract just a little more performance potential.


Laugh, Laugh, Laugh



One of the best ways to “Embrace the Suck” as my mentor at SEALFIT, Commander Mark Divine, terms it, is to introduce an activity so bizarrely funny to a stressful situation that you can’t help but break into laughter and break out of a pity party tendency.


In my experience, on a cold night in the Pacific Ocean lying on my back in the surf while waves crashed overhead, this meant singing the Canadian National Anthem. You see, we had two Canadians on our team at Kokoro 13 and they remarked in calm voices while most of the team chattered teeth and shivered uncontrollably, that what we considered freezing winter water temps felt like Canadian lakes in the summer. The instructors overheard this, thus we honored Canada and her “warm” lakes each time we entered the ocean for surf torture.



As we focused our efforts on singing the opening “O Canada”, a massive wave rolled over the team. We surfaced, coughed and cleared the salt water and then pushed onward with the singing … “Our home and native land! True patriot in …” Crash, another wave hits. Soon we were laughing so hard we could barely sing in between the waves. And herein lies the beauty … we had forgotten about our “suffering” and had embraced the moment. With our minds distracted with humor, our bodies were enduring the “suck” – the adversity of cold-water immersion, darkness, waves, etc. without us thinking about it. We stopped shivering and whining. We were stronger as individuals and as a team because we sought humor and then embraced it! This will work for you as well, so grab a hold and find something to laugh at the next time adversity visits you.


With Humor now tucked into your Mental Toughness Toolkit, it’s important to remember that you must keep all of your tools sharp and Warrior-Ready! This means spending time with each in practice before a race starts. CREATING AN ANCHOR EXPERIENCE IS KEY … try to anchor each of these tools into a moment in your training and adventurous life.


For example, for me humor is anchored in the Canadian National Anthem and waves crashing over our team in the Pacific & visualization is anchored the long stage at the Marathon des Sables, when my visualized peloton of friends & family pulled me through the desert.


For you, perhaps humor will be anchored in riding out a thunderstorm under trees while singing Riding the Storm Out with your dog & an imaginary duo of Santa Claus and Prince. Whatever it takes!


The point is that it is critical to your ability to call upon these mental toughness tools that you ANCHOR them into an experience that is personal and unique to you. The greater the adversity in the anchor experience, the more secure the anchor will be. Once you’ve created that anchor, you will always have these tools at-the-ready to help you perform at your very best. For a deeper dive into mental toughness development, check out the outstanding Unbeatable Mind Academy, developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine.


Train smart, play hard and have fun!

— Coach Jeff

Jeff Grant is the author of "Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice", "Hill Running: Survive & Thrive," and "Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks". Based in Switzerland, Jeff is a coach and writer who specializes in mental coaching, peak performance, and transformation. Jeff’s popular newsletter is a digest containing inspirational and instructional resources, including his latest content. See recent issues and subscribe for free here. Refer to Jeff’s bio and press kit for more information, and please check out Jeff’s Coach & Author page on Facebook.

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