Push-up Challenge April 2019–> Are you IN?
April Push-up Motivation! The April Challenge is PUSH-UPS. There are two objectives in this challenge: 1) break through the target threshold [...]
Jeff Grant XC Ski Ice Swim
Ep. 4: Exploring a new sport: XC Ski and Winter Swimming in an Ice Cold Lake in Switzerland
Join me as I XC Ski to an icy cold lake, swim, and ski back! This is Episode 4 of my Vlog: Adventures with Jeff Grant. In today’s episode, I chase [...]
Snow Swim
Ep. 3: Excited to Swim Outside on a Snowy Day
Open Water Swimming in January Join me as I give in the irresistible urge to swim in the snow! This is Episode 3 of my Vlog: Adventures with Jeff Grant. In [...]
Marathon des Sable Dunes
Is 2019 your year to Conquer a Moonshot Endurance Event?
What is a Moonshot Endurance Event? A Moonshot endurance event is an epic, audacious and extreme challenge. It’s the kind of challenge you may [...]
Race season planning
How to think like a coach: race season planning
How do you plan a race season to perform at your peak, have fun and avoid burning out or overtraining? In 20+ years of endurance sports, spanning [...]
Airport Yoga: Mastering Travel Day Stress
Own your travel day stress or it will own you I’ve practiced airport yoga on travel days for the last 15 years and it has made a remarkable and [...]