Learning to Fall or Lean Correctly

An important aspect in common with The Pose Method®, Chi Running® and other schools of thought in the efficient running movement is that we want to work in harmony with gravity, to enable a fall forwards as opposed to a push-off, front leg extension and braking heel-strike landing.

How hard can it be to fall, right? While this seems like an easy answer, it’s actually quite easy to set yourself up for an inefficient fall. The most common problem is leaning from your head. That is, driving the head and sometimes chest forwards, at the expense of the rest of your body position.

In this video, I explain the concept and demonstrate drills to help you develop the feel and correct leaning or falling position.

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Tip: Don’t transition too quickly to a minimalist shoe if you’ve been running in thick heel shoes. Take your time and work your way down.

Mind Training Tips for Efficient Running

To run safely and injury-free, it is hugely important to learn to organize your body properly. The next level is to learn to organize your mind. Most noteworthy, this means developing awareness skills, recognizing the times when your Inner Critic is trying to own you, and leveraging your Inner Coach’s voice in a supportive role, just like your favorite coach is running beside you. I teach these tools and much more in my book.

Coach Jeff Grant in Running Technique article on Falling

I wish you the best on your journey to improve your running!

— Coach Jeff