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Efficient running: Top Tips to try today

Jeff Grant Coaching Running Technique

Learning efficient running from the best

I’ve received over 100K Youtube views across these efficient running tips videos and some great feedback from viewers. This is much appreciated! What I teach in these videos comes from the lessons I learned from Dr. Nicholas Romanov, the scientist and coach behind the highly effective Pose Method®. Learning proper running technique is always best in person with a great coach, so I encourage you to visit the Pose Method® site and look for a qualified technique specialist near you.

Until then, have a look at these videos for tips you can start applying today. I’m giving away two free chapters of Flow State Runner as well, so feel free to opt in to my newsletter, check out the book chapters, and learn some powerful mind training tools. This bonus includes my guide to the Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Changing Your Running Technique, which will be another helpful resource for you.

Efficient Running Tips with Coach Jeff Grant Running in Winter

Top Tips Videos


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Mind Training Tips

To run safely and injury-free, it is hugely important to learn to organize your body properly. The next level is to learn to organize your mind. Most noteworthy, this means developing awareness skills, recognizing the times when your Inner Critic is trying to own you, and leveraging your Inner Coach’s voice in a supportive role, just like your favorite coach is running beside you. I teach these tools and much more in my book.

Efficient Running Tips

I wish you the best on your journey to improve your running!

— Coach Jeff

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