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Embrace Challenge -- Be a Hillseeker!

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Hillseeker July Challenge 2015 Wrap-up

Thanks for everyone who participated in our 2015 Hill Workout Challenge of 10,000 Stairs in a month!  Whether you used it as motivation to get in some up hill workouts early in the month or finished the full 10,000 steps by August 1st or motivated someone else during the challenge, I appreciate you and your efforts!


Here are a few photo/video highlights!


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Hill Running Workout 29 #hillwod



HILLWOD 29 is simply a monster downhill run. Accumulate as much downhill running as possible in 1 hour.




Perhaps surprisingly, the UP hill isn't important in this hillwod. Bike up, drive up, ruck up, take a cable car up, etc. Once you're up, set off on a fast downhill run, covering as much downhill distance as possible in one hour. 

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