Coaching and Mentoring with Jeff Grant

Coaching is my passion. I love to get in people’s heads and help them develop a stronger Inner Coach’s Voice. I thrive on the quest for unlocking potential and helping people rise up to the highest version of themselves possible.

Embrace Support for Career Change

Over the years, I’ve coached athletes, runners, and triathletes to finish their dream moonshot races and achieve Personal Bests. Even more fulfilling though has been guiding people through a transformation that brings them fulfillment and happiness in life.

I’ve guided my clients toward achieving their first marathon and ultra marathon finishes, attain Personal Bests in cycling, swimming, running and triathlon, prepare for successful expeditions and adventures, and complete grueling endurance and mental challenges, such as the 50+ hour SEALFIT Kokoro. While I specialize in coaching athletes to reach their goals in extreme endurance events, such as the Marathon des Sables, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, and Ironman Triathlon, I also thrive on kick-starting fitness transformations and coaching all levels of people toward their fitness and life goals. This includes Life Coaching and Mentoring through job and relationship changes, career and education choices, and other challenges that life throws at us.

If you would like to work directly with me one-on-one, I offer three direct services: Personal Coaching Online, Consultation Calls, and In-person coaching in Switzerland

I also offer my coaching services through my books, videos and workshops, as well as my monthly challenge series, Team Building Events and Motivational Speaking. The latest info on my workshops can be found here.

Here’s how my direct services work:

1. VIP Personal Coaching / Mentoring Online Worldwide (limited to only 4 people per year)

With this service, I work closely with you via email and other online tools to coach you toward your goals. You are hiring me as your personal coach, so this is a big commitment for both of us.

I only work with 4 people per year at this level. High quality, a custom-tailored program, and personal attention are my commitments. Minimum commitment is 6 months, with payments made for 3-month increments. Please contact me to discuss your needs and the details of this service, including referrals.

Availability: I have one opening for 2H 2018 / 1H 2019.

This service includes:

  • High Level Training Plan leading to a target event or realization of a performance or transformation goal.
  • Detailed Training Plan including daily workouts in target sport(s), plus core and supplemental strength, conditioning and flexibility work. If mentoring, this includes development assignments and practices.
  • Detailed Training Plan is customized to fit individual needs, travel schedule, training location and equipment, injuries and recovery needs, etc.
  • Feedback on workouts and race prep, motivational messages and support, custom-tailored challenges, etc.
  • Phone and email coaching time:
    • Total of 30 minutes of Skype / FaceTime / Phone sessions every 3 months
    • Q&A Support via email, messaging apps, and Training Peaks comments as suits your style and needs.

2. Coaching and Mentoring via Consultation Calls (Phone or Skype)

30-minute call: suitable for an introduction plus one of the following: motivational boost, discussing background & goals, video analysis of running technique or covering a brief Q&A on equipment, high level programming and event selection. If you would like more time and depth on any topic, please book additional back-to-back sessions.

You may book an appointment in the booking tool below and pay via PayPal. Please indicate the desired topic(s) in the comments field. Please email any materials you’d like my to have access to during the call to [email protected] with the call date/time in the subject.

Book an appointment here.

3. In-person Coaching and Mentoring in Switzerland or Abroad

Please contact me if you’d like to work with me in-person in Switzerland or bring me to your location anywhere in the world. If you can dream it, I’ll organize it (see my VIP Experience).

I also offer private yoga and mind training lessons in the Zurich area, as well as personal training and custom event preparation (mini-training camps for military fitness events, running technique video analysis, and more).

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