Burpee Burner Challenge | March 2019 –> Are you IN?
March Burpee Motivation! This month’s challenge is a short and sweet. Well, the sweet part is debatable, but it’s definitely shorter than many [...]
Thrusters Jeff Grant
Thruster Challenge | February 2019 –> Are you IN?
February Motivation! The February Thruster Challenge is BACK for its 7th year! It’s a month of thrusters, in a very doable progression. There’s [...]
Coach Jeff Grant
December Challenge 2018: RUN or HIKE 50KM –> are you IN?
Run or Hike 50KM in total this month Our final monthly challenge for 2018 is all about covering ground on your feet. How much ground? Well, 50KM or 31 [...]
sit-up challenge
November Challenge 2018: SIT-UPS–> are you IN?
20 Days of Sit-ups Our penultimate challenge for 2018 brings us back to our core with a month of sit-ups! There are three levels to choose from. Select the [...]
Marathon des Sable Dunes
Is 2019 your year to Conquer a Moonshot Endurance Event?
What is a Moonshot Endurance Event? A Moonshot endurance event is an epic, audacious and extreme challenge. It’s the kind of challenge you may [...]
challenge squat
SQUAT Challenge October 2018 –> are you IN?
The lowdown on climbing this month’s Squat Ladder The 10th Monthly Challenge of 2018 is a Squat Ladder. The aim is to work through the highest level [...]
September Straight Arm Hang Challenge 2018 –> are you IN?
Hanging Around and Getting Stronger This month’s theme is to hang around — or rather to hang on trees, bars, ropes, rings and whatever else you [...]
August Digital Detox 2018 –> are you IN?
Detox Your Digital Life This Month This month’s theme is detox — or rather scaling down your digital time and scaling up time just for you in a [...]
Buddy WOD
July Partner Workout Challenge 2018 –> are you IN?
Grab a Friend for a Partner Workout! This month’s theme is all about friendship, camaraderie, and motivating a friend or training partner to do some [...]
Coach Jeff Grant Flutter Kick Challenge
June Challenge 2018: Flutter Kicks–> are you IN?
June Motivation: Flutter Kicks! The June Challenge is 1,000 FLUTTER KICKS. This is in honor of the 30 veterans and civilian athletes commemorating the 74th [...]
Jeff Grant Hill Running book
Hill Running: Survive & Thrive –> Book Launch!
New Hill Running Technique & Mindset Training Book Launches I’m excited to announce my latest coaching book, Hill Running: Survive & Thrive. [...]
Jeff Grant Meditation Challenge
May Meditation Challenge 2018 –> Are you IN?
May Mind Training Motivation! Jeff Grant is the author of "Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice", "Hill Running: Survive & Thrive," [...]
Push-up Challenge April 2018 –> Are you IN?
April Push-up Motivation! The April Challenge is PUSH-UPS. There are two objectives in this challenge: 1) break through the target threshold level and 2) [...]
Breathing Challenge March 2018 –> Are you IN?
A breath of fresh air — March Breathing Challenge My March Challenge for you is to take in a breath of fresh air. Well, lots of breaths of fresh air! [...]
Thrusters Growth
Thruster Challenge 2018 –> Are you IN?
February Motivation! The February Thruster Challenge is BACK for a seven-year anniversary edition. It’s a month of thrusters, in a very doable [...]