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Jeff Grant Winter Swimrun Switzerland
Ep. 2: Our Invented Winter SwimRun Half Marathon in Switzerland: Ägerisee
Welcome to Episode 2 of my Vlog: Adventures with Jeff Grant. Join me as I take on a winter open water swim and run in a 5 degree C (41 F) lake in [...]
Standing Desk Project
Standing Desk Project
  After months of research, I finally put together a staning desk that I love! The frame is from GeekDesk and it’s the Max [...]
Airport Workout Jeff Grant
Airport WOD
Airport Workout at JFK International I had a great time filming this one at the same time as doing a TOUGH workout! It’s shot on my iPhone with a [...]
Red Chicken Curry
Red Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice
If you’ve decided to toss the rice, pasta and bread out of your diet (in whole or part) or even if you love your grains and just want to try [...]
Charity Work
  24-Hour Charity Workout for F2F Malawi   Hillseeker is proud to work closely with the following not-for-profit organizations:     [...]
Making and living change
Making and living the change for the long-term
Prior to becoming an endurance athlete in 1996 and ultimately a coach, Jeff was 70 pounds (32 kg) overweight and leading an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. [...]
Alpine Endurance event
Hillseeker® Interview Series: Fiola Foley, Specialist in Alpine Endurance Events
Today’s featured athlete hails from Ireland, was a 2-time All American and MVP rower at Boston University and is unlocking her full potential with a series [...]
Hill Workout Cycling
Hill Workout Cycling #2
  Did last week’s hill workout leave you eager for more? Let’s build up on what we’ve done and add a new twist in this week’s [...]
sandbag workouts
Sandbag Workout Ideas
From CrossFit® sessions to training for endurance athletes, runners and triathletes, sandbag training offers an excellent opportunity to condition and [...]
Finding your warrior spirit
Finding your Warrior Spirit: SEALFIT Kokoro
It just took one look at this video in 2010 for me to make the decision: I’m going to Kokoro Warrior Camp for an immersion into U.S. Navy SEAL [...]
Mental Toughness Series
Hillseeker® Mental Toughness Series “Other People” — Level 2: Cheer Someone
  Today we pick up on the “Other People” Mental Toughness approach with the 2nd level:.   Level 2: Cheer Someone   Level 2 [...]
Mental Toughness
Hillseeker® Mental Toughness Series “Other People” — Level 3 In their Honor
  Today we cover the final level in the “Other People” Mental Toughness approach:   Level 3: Push yourself in their honor   [...]
adventure of a lifetime
Marathon des Sables, adventure of a lifetime!
Ultrarunners, adventure athletes and anyone who enjoys a good adventure story about a life-changing epic race, check out the short videos below. If you [...]
mental toughness
Hillseeker® Mental Toughness Series “Other People”
  With less than 5 meters to spare and after 37 hours of running, I got him right before the finish line. It required a massive sprinting effort, with [...]
Support a good cause and I’ll play the Alphorn for you!
Have you ever wanted a custom video greeting from the Swiss Alps with your very own alphorn tune? How about a video of a group of smiling teens in the [...]